Fajr Energy wins 5 integrated management system certificates
The internal audit team of the Persian Gulf Fajr Energy Company could update the standards and meet
30 August 2022 - 10:11
The petrochemical industry enters a new sphere of branching / So perform constantly branching out of your feeding and
Persian Gulf Fajr Energy Company has so far assisted to successfully carrying out hot-tapping for
30 August 2022 - 10:04
Fajr Energy ready to supply its products out of the region
Emphasizing that most of the products by Persian Gulf Fajr Energy Company have the quality
30 August 2022 - 9:56
Fajr Energy supplies oxygen necessary for the country's medical centers
The Managing Director of PGFEC said: Based on an approval by the National Strategic Council of
30 August 2022 - 9:42
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Persain Gulf Fajr Energy Company

Persain Gulf Fajr Energy was established in site 4 with the aim of utility supply for the petrochemical companies situated in PET.Zone in 1998.  Also, this company is considered as the first utility company in Iran which launched in 2002. Subsequently, Fajr Energy started to work on Fajr development plan in site 2 by improving companies and increasing NPC plans in site 2&3.

Persian Gulf Industries Co. (70 %) and Edalat Fund (30%) and other shareholders in Stock Market (10 % ) are the main shareholders of Fajr Company.

The processing units of this plant include: the power generating units, the steam units, dispatching .The most important characteristic of the power station is it's compatibility with the environment. The 2 and 4 gas turbine units have a capacity to generate 648 megawatts.

The air units at Fajr petrochemical complex include two compartments: the compression and the Separation parts. The capacity of the compression unit is 16500 cubic meter per hour and is 15500 cubic meter per hour for compressed and non-compressed air respectively. This capacity is required to sustain the accurate instruments.

The Water Treatment Plant consists of the pre treatment, the reverse osmosis, DMwater, the condenser recycled water, fresh water and the water for the fire fighters. The Water Treatment Plants capacity in area 1 is 7000 cubic meter per hour and in area 2 is 4800 cubic meter per hour.

The area 1 Effluent Treatment Plant has been designed to purify the high TDS water wastage, low TDS water wastage, and the rest rooms wastage materials.
The capacity of this area for the high TDS is 70 cubic meter per hour