Where can one refer to communicate with different departments of your company?

We have placed the required telephone numbers to communicate with different departments of the Fajr Energy Persian Gulf Company on the main page of its website in the section "Contact Us".

What is the recruitment process like in your company?

There are 4 types of employees working in Fajr Energy Persian Gulf Company; Official, Specific (fixed) term, temporary term and contracting forces.

In order to recruit official, fixed term and temporary staff, the company first submit the request to the Persian Gulf Holding and the release a relevant recruitment advertisement. After reviewing and finalizing the recruitment advertisement, the holding conducts a written vocational aptitude test by its Department of Human Resources Management in cooperation with one of the university units in the region. It conducts a personal job interview with the candidates and finally introduces the qualified persons to the recruiter company after receiving the approvals for “Personnel Selection” and “Occupational Medicine”.

The contracting forces will start their work in coordination with the employer after concluding a contract with the contractor. If the contractor leaves the company, the contracting forces will sign another contract with the new contractor.

In order to take in a new surplus labor force, he or she must be replaced by a new person. The surplus labor force is recruited in the special circumstances, as a contractor with the permission of the company’s Managing Director.

Do you accept any student intern in the company?

Fajr Energy Persian Gulf Company is also accepting student (trainee) interns only when he / she had already submitted a relevant application to the university and then receive an approval from the senior management of the complex proving that the person is accepted as s student.

How can one visit your company?

All companies, universities, industrial centers and schools can send their written request to visit the company through writing an e-mail to PR@fajrco.com. Then the request will be reviewed and the necessary coordination will be done with the applicants in this regard as soon as possible.

How can one have access to the introductory video clip of the company?

The introductory video clip for Fajr Energy Persian Gulf Company is easily found on the main page of the company's website, at the end of “Fajr's introduction” section.

Are you supporting any university student thesis or research articles?

Yes, Fajr Energy Persian Gulf Company supports such items. But offering this kind of assistance depends on the topic of the thesis or the research previously announced by the student, whether it speaks about the strategic goals of the organization, or not.

The students who intend to suggest such a thesis or research (es) to Fajr Energy Persian Gulf Company, should first complete a special form (which is available on the company’s website) for the thesis or the research proposal and submit it along with a letter of recommendation from the university’s Vice President for Research and or the Vice President for University-Industry Relations to the intended Company, but after the Research Council of the relevant university approves the proposal.

The Research and Development Center of Fajr Energy Persian Gulf Company will then refer the thesis or research article to the company’s Research Council, after receiving, reviewing and approving it in the Technical Committee of the company. When the thesis is approved by the company’s Research Council, it will put forward a research contract to the supervisor of the thesis and then it is time for the  project to go through the implementation steps.

How will Fajr Energy Persian Gulf Company become a top listed company in the energy stock market by 1404?

As it is crucial for Fajr Energy Persian Gulf Company to achieve this vision, it will definitely make it possible by monitoring and controlling the actual relevant factors to reach the top listed company in the energy stock market by the year 1404.

The company’s EPS level in the stock market is one of the vital factors in this regard, especially when it is compared with the one in the other listed companies and is normally considerable from a financial perspective.

But the organizational evaluation of the company which is normally compared with other companies at the level of the Fajr Petrochemical Complex, is also determined by its level of dynamism and its continuous improvement. It should be noted that the company’s key stakeholders’ satisfaction of the company is also compared with the ones in other companies of the same group in the stock market.

In fact, based on the documented goals to reach the 1404 horizon, the main target is achievable by monitoring and controlling of the strategic plans of the company.

How are the products of Fajr Energy Persian Gulf Company delivered to their customers?

There are three categories of customers for Fajr Energy Persian Gulf Company:

1. The fix customers who receive their products through transmission lines.

 2. The retail customers who receive Liquid Nitrogen, Liquid Oxygen and Liquid Argon in tankers.

 3. And the customers in the electricity market who can receive the electricity through the country's National Electricity Network.

What is Fajr Energy Persian Gulf Company's commitment to its customers?

Persian Gulf Fajr Energy Company normally conducts an annual written survey and a monthly telephony survey in order to be accountable for the products it provides to its customers. If there exists any customer who is not satisfied with the provided products, the company definitely holds a sense of commitment to take any measures to satisfy him / her.

How can Persian Gulf Fajr Energy Company guarantee the stability and continuity of its products as it is deemed providing several petrochemical companies with some vital energy items?

Fajr Energy Persian Gulf Company guarantees its production’s stability and continuity by carrying out some timely and routine equipment repairs based on the training and technical experience of its maintenance personnel and also through the execution of numerous projects in order to ensure the stability of the system.

At the same time, it plays a vital role for the stability of its production cycle by identifying and evaluating the risk potentialities and also by formulating and defining preventive control programs just to maintain the production steadiness.

We have so far been succeeded to obtain the world records in stabilization and stability of production based on the implementation of many management systems.

How is the selling process for the products in Fajr Energy Persian Gulf Company?

At first, the customers send their utility requests to the Department of Commercial Affairs at Fajr Energy Persian Gulf Company.

The Department of Commercial Affairs will proceed with the preparation and organization of a sales contract in 4 copies through making necessary coordination for a process engineering after it receives a written report for the quantity, quality and also the timing of the delivery of the products.

It also makes sure to see whether the products have the necessary certificates for quantitative and qualitative confirmations, and also whether they are capable of being provided by process engineering and production control or not. (It must be noted that the certificates for the quantity and quality of the products and for the timing for their delivery are already considered to be a part of the existing process engineering documents and documentations). Then a copy of the contract is approved and signed by the Managing Director of Fajr Energy Persian Gulf Company after being approved and signed by the Managing Director of the buyer company, and then a copy of the contract will be sent to the applicant (customer) to receive the utility.

Reminder: The Department of Commercial Affairs at the company will provide the client with a copy of the Appendix No. 3 before the contract be prepared or delivered, and the buyer in turn will hand over the Appendix to the department after studying and writing a comment about the relevant appendix. This copy is also considered to be a reference document for the company’s Department of the Process Engineering for the preparation of the final contract.

Note: The Department of Sales normally issues a corresponding proforma invoice based on a request from individual (retail) customers in relation with the sale of the liquid argon and liquid nitrogen products and also different types of waters. The Sales Department will also issue a proforma for the products delivery and remittance sale clearance No. STG-FM-58 for the liquid argon and the liquid nitrogen products and the proforma No. STG-FM-01 for the delivery and partial (retail) sale clearance for all kinds of water products after receiving the bank receipt from the customer. The customer will finally be able to load the products in the relevant units. This very proforma is also used to discharge the products out of Fajr Energy Persian Gulf Company. Moreover, 2 copies of the retail invoice form No. STG-FM-59 are issued for the Department of Financial and Customer affairs, as well.

Does Fajr Energy Persian Gulf Company have a plan to develop its units?

Yes, a study plan is underway to increase the capacity of the Fajr Energy Persian Gulf Company’s power plant in order to act in response to the future loads and increase the stability of Fajr company's electricity network.

Which products can you sell outside of the Petrochemical Special Economic Zone?

Fajr Energy Persian Gulf Company can send four categories of its products outside of the Petrochemical Special Economic Zone.

1. Electricity, through transit and in cooperation with the national electricity network

 2. Liquid nitrogen

3. Liquid argon

 4. DM water

 5. Liquid oxygen

What is the purpose of the company to connect to the National Electricity Network?

Fajr Power Plant has been connected to the National Power Network with two economic and technical purposes. The technical reason for this connection is to increase the stability of the power plant by maintaining a real-time exchange with the national network and also to technically making use of the high capacity of the network for receiving and sending electricity.

The economic reason for this purpose is to use the existing and future opportunities in the electricity markets of Iran and the neighboring countries and also to benefit from the legal capacities in these countries in order to have an active presence in the domestic and foreign electricity markets and to create a sustainable profitability for the company.

Is there any fate for the wastes )or residues) of the waste water treatment in the region?

Fajr Energy Persian Gulf Company’s Wastewater Treatment Unit consists of two treatment plants which receive industrial and sanitary wastewaters from the companies in the region, treat them, and prevent the wastewaters coming from the beyond of the standard range to enter in the valuable estuaries of the region. It finally consumes some volume of the treated wastewaters for watering the green areas in the region and finally sends the rest towards the said estuaries.

What measures has Fajr Energy Persian Gulf Company so far taken for the constructional development of the region in line with its social responsibility?

Fajr Energy Persian Gulf Company maintains a collaborative approach to social responsibility and a cooperative manner with petrochemical industries of the region in order to help the surrounding community, hence it carries out its responsible undertakings for the port city of Bandar Mahshahr through the Strategic Council of the port city.

The Policy Making Council of the provincial city of Mahshahr port – consisting of the city governor and numbers of the relevant city officials – annually proposes and approves all construction plans, programs and other emergency and necessary assistances to the Strategic Council of the Managing Directors of the petrochemical companies stationed in the region.

Normally the budgets for constructional and current projects of Fajr Energy Persian Gulf Company is also allocated to helping the surrounding community after the approval and determination of each company's share by this council.

Fajr Energy Persian Gulf Company is committed with an approach of providing sustainable aid, with an emphasis on a balanced kind of development, while the process of its responsible activities have been focused on the convergence of collective wisdom and sustainable and long lasting aids.


How will Fajr Energy Persian Gulf Company compensate any possible damages to its customers in case of emerging any problem caused by the company?

In the event of any accident, if the problem is from the area of Fajr Energy Persian Gulf Company, it fulfils the damages to the customers but after being reviewed by the relevant experts.


How can one cooperate with Fajr Energy Persian Gulf Company in the field of production services and supplying the required goods?

One can cooperate with Fajr Energy Persian Gulf Company in this regard through registering on the Website of the company on the page “Managing the relationship with the suppliers”.

How can one have access to the inquiries from Fajr Energy Persian Gulf Company?

The inquiries will be available to the supplier in a mechanized manner based on the field of the activities previously confirmed in the user’s account. 

How can one provide you with his/her technical and financial proposals?

If he / she can select a “request” item in the system on the company’s website, it easily let him /her to leave (set up) any technical and financial proposal in it.

How long does it take to review the technical and financial proposals?

Depending on the type of request, it will take an average of one month.

How can one be informed about the status of his / her requests?

One can see easily his /her latest status of the requests by referring to his / her user account for the previously registered requests, 

How is it possible to know the status of the financial proposals?

In case of being a possible winner of an application, one will receive a notice of order. Otherwise, the price of the winning company can be seen in your user account.

How long will it take to pay the financial expenses?

It will take an average of two months from the time of delivery.

Is it possible to pay the expenses in foreign currency to you?

All sorts of payments over the company are made in (Iranian) Rials. For any foreign currency, it will be normally changed into Rials and its remittance will be done with Iranian system of internet banking called “Sanaa”.

What are the preconditions for receiving the advance payment in banking transactions and how much it is normally?

For the medium transactions, 25 percent of the total amount of the order is paid in advance in return of a bank guarantee.

How can we have a face-to-face meeting and hold some meetings with your company?

You can have face-to-face meetings with the company members based on a written request previously submitted to the Business and Procurement Management and in coordination with the Resource Evaluation Unit of the company.

Where is the place of the delivery for the ordered items? What are its conditions like?

The warehouse of Fajr Energy Persian Gulf Company will be the place for the delivery of the intended goods, and the Freight Forwarder of the contracting party of Fajr Energy Persian Gulf Company and the Order Notification Unit of the company will make the coordination for the shipment of the goods. 

What is the process of receiving samples for the requests that are manufacturable?

If there is a sample for manufacturing, the steps are done for issuing the necessary permission to leave the product from Fajr complex and it will be sent to the manufacturer's address or delivered to the manufacturer's representative in coordination with the manufacturer.

What are the conditions for the non-approval of the ordered goods?

Of the conditions for disapproval of the received goods we can name the announcement of the items non-compliance with the technical and financial offer, defects in the physical characteristics of the goods and also its inappropriate packaging.

How is the return process for the unapproved goods?

In this regard all procedures to authorize the removal of unapproved goods from Fajr Energy Persian Gulf Company will be carried out and then the unapproved product will be sent to the manufacturer's address or will be delivered to the manufacturer's representative in coordination with the manufacturer.