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Persain Gulf Fajr Energy Company (the  beating heart of the petrochemical special economic zone)

Persain Gulf Fajr Energy Company was established in site 4 with the aim of utility supply for the petrochemical companies situated in PET.Zone in 1998.  Also, this company is considered as the first utility company in Iran which launched in 2002. Subsequently, Persain Gulf Fajr Energy Company started to work on Fajr development plan in site 2 by improving companies and increasing NPC plans in site 2&3.

Persian Gulf Industries Co. (70 %) and Edalat Fund (30%) are the main shareholders of Persain Gulf Fajr Energy Company.


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The Iranian petrochemical industry is an effective drive in national development and economy promising economic and social advancement in Iran with the definition of the 20-year vision. Stable production in industry requires fundamental preparations to guarantee and maintain production. The most distinctive factor in this respect is energy. Energy is among the most elemental requirements of the petrochemical industries of the special economic zone with the aid of which millions of tons of products are annually produced and offered to global markets.

Persain Gulf Fajr Energy Company was established in 1998 to provide the utility required by the companies of the special economic zone in Imam Khomeini Port. It began to operate in 2002 as the first centralized utility company in Iran. The development plan of Persain Gulf Fajr Energy Company was implemented in Site 2 with the increased number of plans in Sites 2 and 3 and the rising need for utility.

In line with enacting the policies of Article 44 of the constitution, the ownership of this company was transferred to Persian Gulf Petrochemical Industries Co. (PGPIC) in 2009. In light of the brilliant performance of the company in various strategic fields, a fraction of the company stocks was offered to the national stock market in 2015 after being accepted thereto. Thus, Persain Gulf Fajr Energy Company joined the Iranian capital market.

The process units of the company comprise electric power and steam generation, dispatching, water treatment, air separation, industrial wastewater treatment, and offsite utilities.

Power plant

Electric power is the most crucial product of Persain Gulf Fajr Energy Company. A total of 1147 megawatts of electric power is generated using 11 gas turbines.

The most important feature of the power plant is that it is environment-friendly; nitrogen and carbon oxides in gases resulting from combustion, which exit the power plant stacks, are below the standard allowable limit.

Steam is produced at a rate of 1690 tons per hour. The major part of steam is produced using the huge thermal energy existing in the hot gases yielded by the combustion of gas turbines. As a result, the thermal efficiency of the boilers reaches 92%.

Air separation unit

Air separation unit has been built to compress and separate air for two different applications in industry. Compressed air is produced to be used in instrumentation equipment, controls, and generic industrial applications. Air separation aims to supply oxygen, nitrogen, and argon to be used in the process productions of customers. The capacity of the compression sector is 33500 normal cubic meters per hour of instrumentation air and 66000 normal cubic meters per hour of service air.

The capacity of the separation sector is 40500 normal cubic meters per hour of gaseous oxygen and 51000 normal cubic meters per hour of gaseous nitrogen.

In the air separation sector of this unit, air temperature is reduced to -194 degrees centigrade. Oxygen and nitrogen are produced via distillation, compressed via a compressor, and stored in tanks as liquids.

Water treatment unit

The use of water is common in all industries. Without this vital substance, industrial activities will be impossible to perform. On the other hand, the type and quantity of water consumption differs considering the production process and technology level in each industrial unit.

Various types of industrial water are produced in the treatment unit of Persain Gulf Fajr Energy Company given their application and they are consumed by the neighboring companies. The products of this unit are as follows: dematerialized water (3735 cubic meters per hour), reverse osmosis water (9750 cubic meters per hour), fire extinguishing water (14000 cubic meters per hour), service water, and healthy water.

These units are fed by the water of Karoun River at a rate of 15000 cubic meters per hour.

The particular advantage of this unit is the very low loss of water in the production cycle and the recycling of the reverse osmosis system wastewater thanks to a new design in R.O. Reject sector.

Wastewater treatment units

These units convert toxic, polluted wastewater to clean, life-endowing water for thirsty plants and vegetation.

Fajr Petrochemical Company has built two treatment plants to treat industrial and sanitary wastewater of the complexes of the zone.

The wastewater treatment plants were designed and constructed to treat low TDS and sanitary water and high TDS wastewater at a rate of respectively 980 and 95 cubic meters per hour.

The received low TDS industrial wastewater is utilized in the green space of the special economic zone and the thinning of the high TDS part after physical, chemical, and biological treatment, purification, and final control.

Owing to the great pollution of incoming wastewater in the treatment unit of Area 2, wastewater treatment is conducted at two stages.

Offsite utilities

This unit is in charge of distributing and controlling the secondary services (utility) produced in Persain Gulf Fajr Energy Company to all operating complexes of the special zone. In addition, the complexes of the zone receive or transmit their required feed and products using the pipelines supervised by this unit.

The operational jurisdiction of this unit is the entire special economic zone.

This unit is also in charge of maintaining the pipelines and the related equipment including the valves, instrumentation systems, and electric heating systems.

Human resources

The efforts made by the expert, committed, and indefatigable workforce have invariably maintained the dynamicity and vigor of the energy production cycle beyond the role of technology. Expert teams in Persain Gulf Fajr Energy Company, working in units with areas of operation that are greatly different from one another, have turned this complex to the beating heart of the Imam Khomeini Port Petrochemical Special Economic Zone.

The vision of Persain Gulf Fajr Energy Company with regard to human capital has been defined as follows in Persian Gulf Holding: enjoying staff with high productivity and distinct capabilities (adept, precise, healthy, sympathetic, flexible).

The valuable gift these industry experts offer to the Iranian petrochemical industry is petrochemical industry wastewater treatment, industrial water treatment and production, consumptive gas production and, most importantly, electric power generation. Up-to-date, efficient knowledge and working around the clock has led to a constant flow of energy through the veins of other process complexes of the zone.

Vision and future

To complete production capacity, the vision of Persain Gulf Fajr Energy Company has been defined as follows: presence in the energy markets of the neighboring countries.

The determination of this vision as the guiding light of the complex indicates the strong will and commendable self-confidence of Persain Gulf Fajr Energy Company’s managers and employees along with Iran’s special status in petrochemical industries.

Progress and success entail foresight and attention to the concept of sustainability in social, economic, and environmental aspects. In Persain Gulf Fajr Energy Company, we strive to deepen this outlook.




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