Air  Separation Unit


The air units at Fajr petrochemical complex include two compartments: the compression and the Separation  parts. The capacity of the compression unit is 16500 cubic meter per hour and is 15500 cubic meter per hour for compressed and non-compressed air respectively. This capacity is required to sustain the accurate instruments.


واحد تفکیک هوا -2


The Separation  unit consists of three production lines, two of which produce gasses like those produced in liquid oxygen and nitrogen production lines and the last one. Produces-oxygen, nitrogen and liquid argon. in this unit , the air is Cooled

 to -174oC and is lastly separated through dropping.

In the air Separation  unit of area 2, 15000 normal cubic meter per hour of compressed air, 27000 normal cubic meter per hour of accurate instruments air, 12000 normal cubic meter of oxygen , and 24000 normal cubic meter of nitrogen is produced respectively.


All the gas production in both units are carried by the transmission lines and the liquid products are transferred to other places by tankers.