Water treatment unit

The use of water is common in all industries. Without this vital substance, industrial activities will be impossible to perform. On the other hand, the type and quantity of water consumption differs considering the production process and technology level in each industrial unit.

Various types of industrial water are produced in the treatment unit of Persain Gulf Fajr Energy Company given their application and they are consumed by the neighboring companies. The products of this unit are as follows: dematerialized water (3735 cubic meters per hour), reverse osmosis water (9750 cubic meters per hour), fire extinguishing water (14000 cubic meters per hour), service water, and healthy water.

These units are fed by the water of Karoun River at a rate of 15000 cubic meters per hour.

The particular advantage of this unit is the very low loss of water in the production cycle and the recycling of the reverse osmosis system wastewater thanks to a new design in R.O. Reject sector.