Water Treatment Plants( 2 plants)

The Water Treatment Plant consists of the pre treatment, the reverse osmosis,  DMwater, the condenser recycled water, fresh water and the water for the fire fighters. The Water Treatment Plants capacity in area 1 is 7000 cubic meter per hour and in area 2 is 4800 cubic meter per hour

واحد آب - 1

The raw water is first added some chemical substances and then softened and sedimented. Finally, it flows into the clarifiers and is PH adjusted. In the sand filters. This water is used in bathrooms, the fire stations, and the reverse osmosis units. The capacity designed for the reverse osmosis in unit 1 is 4680 cubic meter and for unit 2 is 5070 cubic meter. The water coming from these units has some minerals which is used for producing DM and the compensatory water of the cooling towers. the water free of minerals in unit 1 has a capacity of 1530 cubic meter per hour and in unit 2 1040 cubic meter per hour.

This water has some mixtures including cations and Anions. The water produced in these units has a conductivity less than 1 micro-zimens per centimeter and is thus used for the steam units and the residential areas. The water provided by areas 1 and 2 is 1400 cubic meter per hour.