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Waste Water 

The area 1 Effeluent Treatment Plant has been designed to purify the high TDS water wastage, low TDS water wastage, and the rest rooms wastage materials.
The capacity of this area for the high TDS is 70 cubic meter per hour, for the low TDS and the bathrooms wastage is 460 cubic meter per hour. The capacity of area 2 is 520 cubic meter per hour for the low TDS , the bathrooms, and 25 cubic meter for the high TDS.
In both units the industrial wastage with a low TDS is first grease separated and then is chemically and physically disintegrated and finally is purified in a biological system or to be exact in an active dung. The industrial wastage is lastly is clarified and controlled, so that it could be used to water the plants in the zone and to thin the materials in the high TDS. A furnace is used to destroy the liquid and solid residues remaining for the decomposition unit.


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