Fajr Energy wins 5 integrated management system certificates

Fajr Energy wins 5 integrated management system certificates
The internal audit team of the Persian Gulf Fajr Energy Company could update the standards and meet the requirements for receiving the necessary certificates after holding 140 meetings with a total of more than 1800 man-(working) hours.

Mohammad Ali Mohseni, the head of the Center for Strategic Studies and Planning at the Persian Gulf Fajr Energy Company said in an interview with a public relations reporter: The auditing meetings were held during the late days of August for 3 days in order to obtain the certificates of integrated management systems and IMS. The meetings could well audit the quality management standards, environmental management standards, safety management standards, occupational health, integrated HSE management standards and energy management systems.

He added: This audit was done in order to safeguard the organization's resources and capitals by applying the methods of managing the system and also to find the ways to adapt the system with the legal, upstream and organizational requirements, which is ensured by doing sampling and providing the auditors with the evidences, documents and documentations. The audit team recommended the organization to keep on getting the relevant certificates after the audition in accordance with the organizational standards and requirements. These recommendations help the business environment and the related activities go forward in the right and standard direction.

Pointing out that Fajar company has won 5 certificates, the Director of Excellence at Persian Gulf Fajr Energy Company said: The audition has been held once again after a 5-year interruption. The 5-year pause in holding the meetings for the Integrated Management Systems (IMS) auditions happened due to changes and revisions of the standards.

He continued: With regard to the changes in standards during the 5 years pause, a team of audit was formed within the organization which has updated all standards and management requirements in the field of quality, environment, safety and health by taking advantage of the necessary training. The internal audit team was able to update these standards and the requirements by holding 140 meetings with a total of more than 1800 man-(working) hours.

In the end, Mohseni noted: Since 2017, 4 internal auditing meeting have been held by the internal audit team.

Aug 30, 2022 10:11
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