Fajr Energy surveys the community for 10th consecutive years

Fajr Energy surveys the community for 10th consecutive years
Persian Gulf Fajr Energy Company has been conducting annual surveys of community regarding its performance since 2011 in order to measure the level of satisfaction of the surrounding community as one of the key beneficiaries of the company.

According to a report by the Public Relations Department of the Persian Gulf Fajr Energy Company, it has always been sensitive - based on its strategy map - to know the expectations of the surrounding community (as one of the beneficiaries) and measure the level of people's satisfaction with the company’s performances. It has therefore conducted a survey every year in cooperation with some representatives from peripheral community.

It has so far conducted the survey in such a way that people's representatives (such as public, governmental, non-governmental organizations and also those from the neighboring petrochemical companies) are divided into public, government-supported and environmental groups. Then have then been cross examined about the performance of Persian Gulf Fajr Energy Company through a specialized questionnaires.

The target subjects have been considered to be 80 percent satisfied with Fajr Co in all sectors of the society in this survey, but the achieved average was more than 80 percent in 2020. The government-supported sector was 70 percent satisfied and it was the lowest average, while the environmental sector with 92 percent satisfaction has obtained the highest average from the audience. In fact the overall satisfaction percentage for the year 2020 was the same as in the year before, but the result in the government-supported sector has experienced an 8 percent decline while on the other hand, it experienced an increase by 11 percent in the environmental sector.

The highest and lowest points for the survey in 2020 is as follows:

While reviewing the results of the survey we noticed that the highest level of satisfaction was for the areas of accountability and responsibility for the phone calls and correspondence in the general group, but the lowest level of satisfaction was recorded for Fajr Co’s future decisions and for the effective and relevant developments and changed in the company.

The highest satisfaction level in the government - supported group was with the instances related to the observed moral values and human dignity in the company, and the lowest satisfaction has been recorded for the performance related to the audience's awareness of future decisions and about those possible changes in the company which normally affective the audiences and are directly related to them.

In the environment group, the highest level of satisfaction was with the company's performance to fulfil the requirements related to noise pollution. The participants of the Survey in the environment group did not take into account the lowest level of satisfaction for the group.

Comparing the results for group satisfaction in 2020 with the one in 2019 in the public sector, we noticed the lowest satisfaction was with the company’s performance to disseminate the information about “news events, the achievements and the performance" in 2019 in the company, and about those "future decisions and changes in the company in 2020 which have so far been both effective on the audiences and been directly related to them. Furthermore, the index for highest satisfaction in the environmental sector have been changed from "the company's performance to fulfill the requirements related to air pollution" in 2019 to "the company's performance in observing the requirements related to noise pollution" in 2020.

It should be noted that Persian Gulf Fajr Energy Company – alongside doing some community surveys - also conducted a scientific research in 2005 in the field of “the community’s satisfaction” focusing on the residences of the port city of Bandar Mahshahr in order to gain a deeper understanding of people's expectations and to examine its own performance in the field of social responsibilities.

Some suitable measures have also been defined and taken in accordance with the results of these surveys such as: following up the projects within the organization, transparent information dissemination for community representatives, holding face-to-face meetings with them, and reflecting the audience’s view opinions to relevant officials at various management levels of the industries and over the port city.

It should be noted that the number of responses obtained in the written survey of 2020 was lower than the average in the previous year due to the Corona Virus Pandemic.

داده های داخل جداول:
رضایت مندی کل جامعه:
Community General Satisfaction
رضایت مندی عمومی: Public General Satisfaction
رضایت مندی حاکمیتی: Governmental General Satisfaction

رضایت مندی کل محیط زیست: Environmental General Satisfaction

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