An event for Customers

An event for Customers
A meeting for the customers of Fajr Petrochemical Company was organized to be more familiar with the activities of productive units and services in collaboration with the directors and experts of the company.

  As reported by PR, the customers that are mainly 31 petrochemical companies situated in PET.Zone called for holding technical meeting at Fajr Petrochemical Company to be more familiar with production processes, informing done improvements, discussing challenges of the parties and reviewing management and technical views.  Accordingly, a meeting which aimed at responding to the needs and expectations of the customers, was organized by the Commercial Affairs of Fajr Petrochemical company based on company’s strategic programs.

In this meeting, 58 of managers, lower – level directors and experts from various and related departments of the receiving products and services were invited to know strategies, processes, activities and accomplished and ongoing plans to sustain production with the aim of satisfying the customers according to meeting schedule. As stated by the direct managing of Fajr Petrochemical Company, Mr. Gholam Ali  Zalkhani on the opening meeting, this company never isolate itself from the customers. Also, He emphasized on considering the customers’ rights. He said “Fajr Petrochemical Company which is responsible for providing vital services in this area, in addition to obtain customers’ opinions using poll and to get qualitative and quantitative complaints related to the products, a team at the top management level of the company discuss how to increase their commitment and cooperation in the clients’ workplace yearly. Mr. Gholam Ali Khani pointed out the company’s major plans for stability of electricity power, improvement programs in the products of water purification units, Oxygen production, the improvement of wastewater treatment units. Moreover, the clients were asked to reflect the strengths and improvable points of the company in order to improve continuously.

According to PR, the clients in the form of three groups visited operational units based on the meeting schedule. In this visit with the experts’ explanation, the managers and specialists of such units were asked by the customers. At the end of the meeting, the head of power plant in district 1, the head of water purification unit in district 2, the head of air separation plant in district 2 and the head of wastewater treatment units reported on the performance of the units and stated the improvement plans for sustaining the utility.

The meeting ended with Question-and-Answer session for customers and supplier company.


Mar 9, 2019 08:56
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