Fajr Petrochemical Company wins Excellence Award for the 3rd consecutive year

Fajr Petrochemical Company wins Excellence Award for the 3rd consecutive year
​Fajr Petrochemical Company won crystal statue for the third consecutive year the Petrochemical Industry Excellence Award.

 According to Fajr Petrochemical Company’s Department of Public Relations, the crystal statue was awarded to the company in the 8th festival of Petrochemical Excellence Award which was held on Saturday, February 24, 2017 at the conference hall of Tehran Oil and Gas Research Institute, in which senior managers of the country's petrochemical industries, professors and consultants of knowledge management and evaluators of the Award of Excellence participated.

Fajr Petrochemical Company received the award for the third consecutive year.

Deputy Minister of Oil on Petrochemical affairs who at the same time is the Director General of the Persian Gulf Petrochemical Company presented the award to Engineer Alireza Shamim, the Managing Director of Fajr Petrochemical Company.

Fajr Petrochemical Company could enjoy the distinct and lasting success by defining some macro strategies and strategic partial planning, defining some recovery projects in the eight areas of excellence criteria model, organizational learning, and also through focusing on understanding and meeting the needs of stakeholders and on the base a continuous 8-year moving forward in the path of excellence.

The company could also succeed to be one of the leading companies which had already received the award as one of the prestigious petrochemical companies in the years 2015 and 2016. It has also attended "The first Award of Excellence and Continuous Improvement of the Iranian Oil Industry and had been accordingly evaluated as one of the six representatives of the Iranian petrochemical industry, as well.

 According to the database of the Petrochemical Industry Excellence Award, Fajr Petrochemical Company is going through the process in order to lay the foundation of establishing a competitive environment with creativity and innovation; create the necessary atmosphere to encourage companies to do self-assessment; identify the strengths and those aspects of the award which can be improved; create a space for the exchange of experiences and knowledge of successful organizations; develop a culture of excellence; appreciate the employees of the excellent and productive organizations; and also strengthen an effective and constructive interaction among the participants.

The Excellence Award of the petrochemical industry has been launched in 2017 with the slogan of "Excellence of the Organization, as a base for economic transformation". In this regard, it has invited about 150 companies active in production, logistics, services providing, doing projects and setting up some contracting and downstream industrial companies to attend the festival.

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