Fajr Petrochemical Company launches a Water Treatment Initiative

Fajr Petrochemical Company launches a Water Treatment  Initiative
Stating that one third of the waste and sewage water in the reverse osmosis (RO) unit in the Fajr Petrochemical Company is getting reused and recharged, Ali Reza Shamim the managing director of the company announced the implementation of two important projects in the company in order to manage fuel and row material consumption. “We can manage the fuel consumption through using the 132 links between Zone 1 and District 2 of Fajr Petrochemical Company by the end of the year”, he added.



Fajr Petrochemical Company department of Public Relations quoted him as saying that based on the plan for water treatment method, a Reversed Osmosis system (RO) is used to purify the water received from the Karun river after the pre-treatment stages. 

About 27 percent of the received water has previously been discharging at this unit, based on the old plan, but Fajr Petrochemical Company defined and implemented a new plan to set up a treatment unit to recycle one third of the sewage or waste water after doing some scientific researches and studies in order to reuse this discharged water.

On the other hand, the old process of water circulation should be removed from the system based on the new plan which keeps positive environmental and economic effects in the society and is also a worthwhile project from a research point of view.

Emphasizing that about one-third of the 3,500 cubic meters of the waste or swage water is getting recycle per day, he added: "Based on the results obtained from the new project, we decided to set up two other similar units of the types which are known as R.O. REJECT (recycled water from reverse osmosis) in Fajr Petrochemical Company in order not to go any longer through the production of RO water. We have invested 20 billion US Dollar for the implementation of the first unit and we still need 27 to 30 billion USD to invest on the implementation the Phase 2 of the project, as well”.

Pointing to the production of sanitary or clean water in the fajr Petrochemical Company, its Managing Director added: “We are providing this sanitary water to those neighboring companies which are using the water in two areas such as: drinking water by injecting chlorine to it or as clean water to be used with other purposes”.

Talking about the capacity of sanitary water production, Mr. Shamim said: “The capacity in Reverse Osmoses unit is four thousand cubic meters per hour. We also produce 1700 cubic meters of sanitary water and 1200 cubic meters of toilet water”.

Managing director of Fajr Petrochemical Company has also emphasized: “Although the land in the company is ready to construct a power plant, but it is not being developed until the power plant capacity is completed”.

Stating that Fajr Petrochemical power plant's capacity is 1,400 megawatts, Mr. shamim said: "We still suffer a 35 percent of the vacant power plant. The network stability and production continuity will increase, based on the type of operations in the turbines of Fajr 1 and Fajr 2.



Jul 31, 2017 16:24
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