Fajr Petrochemical Lab wins a certificate of National Qualification

Fajr Petrochemical Lab wins a certificate of National Qualification
Iran's National Qualification Authority has awarded Fajr Petrochemical Company Laboratory the ISO/IEC 17025 Standard certificate .


According to a report by the department of the Public Relations of Fajr Petrochemical Company, the certificate was awarded to the said lab for its well establishment and implementation of the required standards, especially after the final assessment for the preparation of ISO/IEC 17025 Standard Certificate has been done by a team of the National Accreditation Center of Iran (NACI) .

Receiving such standard certificate by the laboratory means that it could well make use of an applied management system and also could well monitor it, while observing impartiality and enjoying the general requirements for the technical competence to produce a valid and reliable result .

Among some technical requirements for the laboratory, we can mention to: a system of organization management; documentation and the document control; reviewing the requests, contracts and agreements; purchasing of the services; customers relationships, and assessment and evaluation of the customers satisfaction such as  managerial and staffing requirements; the status and working conditions of laboratory environment; methods of testing, experimenting, calibrating and validation of the methods; service providing and maintenance of the equipment; the capability of tracing the measurements, quality control programs, and etc.


Nov 7, 2016 17:02
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