FPCs environmental activities declared winner in a world competition

FPCs environmental activities declared winner in a world competition
Fajr Petrochemical Company has been declared as a winner of the trophy and the certificate for its environmental activities in the Annual World Forum of Green Era Award.

FPCs Department of Public Relation announced that, as far as the company has played a distinctive role to safeguard the Petrochemical Economic Especial Zones environment through carrying out some outstanding environmental efforts, It submitted a statement of its measures done for the oil, gas and petrochemical sector and of all its achievements in this regard to the Green Era Award organizing committee, therefore has been finally declared as the winner of the certificate and the trophy.   

FPC Managing Director Eng. Ali Reza Shamim said in this regard: "We have participated in this World Award in order to introduce the companys activities and its environmental achievements and to compare our measures with that of other top companies and finally to do modeling from those achievements, as well".

Based on the submitted statement, he pointed to some strong points of FPCs activities and added that: FPC is the first and the biggest concentrated utility experiment in Iran, therefore it played a unique role to make use of the infrastructural facilities and to improve the investment outputs in the Petrochemical Especial Economic Zone.

Indicating on the FPCs personnel and management commitments to environmental protection, he described the construction of some important projects such as: two outsized waste water refineries, a waste incineration furnace, a waste water treatment pilot, implementing other projects like producing reverse osmosis water (RO) out of RO REJECT water, installation of the Environmentally friendly burners in gas turbines as the major FPC environmental projects.

Eng. Shamim explained: Regarding the FPCs economic and environmental effects, its wastewater treatment unit is a symbol of making investment with which it turn economic profits from one side and protect environment from the mal effects of industries from other side.   

He described the identification and evaluation of environmental risks and establishment of management systems as other effective measures of the company for a stable and sustainable production and said about the annual world forum of Green Era Award: The Global Green Award is set up to discover and recognize true global sustainable exemplars and different strategies for making a stable future, to create an environmental approaches in organizations and to motivate industries that have been innovative and creative in pursuing the sustainable imperative for a serious and constructive competition among themselves in order to apply environmental principles and a process of clean production. 

The 2015 annual world forum of Green Era Award held from March 22-23 in Berlin, Germany with the participation of environment and energy friendly companies and industries 130 countries from the five continents of the world.

The companies and firms from both public and private sectors who have made sustainability a key driver in their business strategy and exhibited their business and environmental related activities in the Forum were mostly from France, Romania, Turkey, Malaysia, Russia, India, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt and etc.

The French "Other ways Association" grants the annual world forum of Green Era Award as an important world award to organizations which has gained outstanding energy and environment friendly achievements and sustainable practices. 

Fajr Petrochemical Company has recently been declared as the winner of the Five-Star Certificate of the 5th Iran Petrochemical Industry Excellence Award and the National Award Certificate of appreciation of Irans Financial Management.

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