For environmental protection

For environmental protection
FPC establishes the largest pilot for refining waste water in Iran’s oil Industry

During the last recent years, we have been facing an increase in problems relating to environmental pollution caused by development in industries and the grass root emergences of industrial companies. Not only the existing toxic waste water spreads and outbreaks many diseases, but also it affects the purity and quality of the limited clean water sources; consequently it will in long run imposes very much and irrecoverable damages to economic and social development process in the society, as well. But, despite these miss conducts and miss-management, we can not only improve the health condition in the society but also to improve further use of the natural resources by applying suitable ways of treating waste waters, recycling the refined and treated waste waters and reusing it; noting that the method is applicable especially in countries with water shortages. According to a report by the department of Fajr Petrochemical company public relations, the company, as a centeralized utility, is in charge of collecting all waste waters from the Mahshar Petrochemical Special economic Zone. Therefore, in line with the task and the objective, FPC’s Reasearch and Development along with its strategic goals and aiming to protect environment put a pilot of planning and executing a multi-purpose environmental project in its agenda to construct a waste- water purification unit to be implemented in two phases of planning and implementing. With this pretext, we managed to do an interview with “Dr. Azeem Mojjarad” the head of PFC’s R&D to get the details of the plan, as follows:

Nov 9, 2014 00:00
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