CSR work shop held for PRs

CSR work shop held for PRs
Public Relation is a vital social obligation

The Head of Fajr Petrochemical Company’s Public Relation: ‎

Public Relation is a vital social obligation.

Public Relation is not merely a job, but can be considered as an ‎important social obligation, as well, said Behnam Seifoori The Head of ‎the Fajr Petrochemical Company (FPC)’s Public Relation (PR) ‎Department. ‎


Pointing to a workshop held on social responsibility in FPC’s main ‎headquarter, he said:Fajr Petrochemical Company ( FPC) held the one-day workshop on May 17th for the ‎occasion of the Public Relation and Communication (National) Day at its  ‎main conference hall in which the chiefs of public relation departments ‎of most petrochemical companies of the region participated.‎

‎ As Seifoori said, the workshop held in order to provide the managers of ‎the relevant organizations with more expanded vision of social

‎responsibilities and to further awaken the organizations’ authorities and ‎the staffers, as well. ‎


Pointing to "Increasing the organizational accountability and responsible ‎behavior and attitudes toward the work forces and social

phenomenon,  ‎Interaction and interchange between the adjacent environment and the ‎organization, and The necessity of

a systematic approach to social ‎responsibilities in the organization as the main axis and themes to be ‎trained in the workshop, he

reiterated that social responsibility in public ‎relation departments serves at mean time as accountability, therefore PR ‎practitioners

have important responsibilities to be well done and executed ‎and also the social responsibility makes them to consider PR as moral ‎conscience.


‎"Therefore, from the perspective of social responsibility, communication ‎practitioners such as PR directors and media

agents are not always ‎responsible only for production, distribution and dissemination of ‎information and other communication

activities in their organizations, ‎but also they must be responsive and approachable to all clients and ‎customers, beneficiaries,

the share and interest holders in the ‎organization and the nearby community and environment, as well, ‎Seyfoori added. ‎


As he indicated, at the long run, all organizations and human societies are ‎in need of confidence building, reinforcing human

communication and ‎interaction, public participation, accountability to public opinions, ‎reinforcing the sense of

affiliation and identity, social integration, respect ‎to human capabilities and abilities and such goals, all of which should be ‎met

and  possible, but only through considering social responsibility and ‎insisting on them in PR departments.      ‎

Indicating on human issues as the first priority in this regard, the chief of ‎the FPC said: “Not only the managers and the

staffers of an organization ‎but the public also expect their PR colleagues to do professional actions ‎to recognize the problems and

give a solution to them and also to act ‎more actively and usefully in the way of their country’s progress and ‎excellence. ‎

‎“In fact, PR as a concept and an activity has a direct relation to the ‎environments in which the public opinion affects the social

activists, ‎hence we can claim that social responsibility is the main element of PR,” ‎He said.    ‎

‏ ‏Normally the more strong communication and interaction, the easier ‎access to good services and best products, the more

satisfied clients, and ‎consequently the more efficiency and profitability,” said the director of ‎FPC. ‎

According to Seyfoori, any human interaction in any environment can be ‎considered as a kind of communication with clients and

customers in ‎different ways with which a PR agent can easily communicate with ‎his/her clients.‎

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